Lerwick Brewery Tushkar (5.5%) 330ml

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Tushkar is a careful blend of the five classic Oatmeal Stout flavour notes: a smooth and slightly sweet mouthfeel from the finest rolled oats, chocolate and coffee top notes from the chocolate malt, a light bitterness from the Mittlefruh Hops and a balancing roundness from the respectable 5.5% ABV alcohol content.

The depth and complexity of flavour are delivered without heaviness, so that they complement a relatively low carbonation level, with just sufficient effervescence to dance across the tastebuds. Whilst it is a perfect accompaniment to all the standard Stout pairings, like red meat or strong cheese, Tushkar’s restrained level of bitterness and slight sweetness mean that it can also compliment sweeter dishes like desserts and fruits.

  • Style: Stout
  • Country: Shetland
  • Bottle Size: 330ml
  • ABV: 5.5%